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Her kan I læse lidt om de specielle regler jeg indfører i dette Eberron spil.

Languages on Khorvaire

Before the Last War all the nations had one official language, which was Galifar. Then the Last War broke out and most nations became more and more nationalistic as the war progressed, and so did the different languages the different nations spoke.

Therefore there is no ‘common’ language, though Brelish is the language that most resembles the old Galifar language, and therefore it is considered the most widespread language, but as a traveller in Khorvaire, you cannot count on all people speaking Brelish, and in some nations only a few people ever speak Brelish.

In Game Information

If your race speaks ‘common’ that language is replaced by the native language of the nation or region where you are from, or whatever is most appropriate from your characters backstory. For instance a gnome character born and raised in Breland, would speak Brelish and not necessarily Gnome, unless it was later taught to your character. A character born in Breland, but taken as a slave from childhood and then worked in Darguun, would speak Goblionoid and not necessarily Brelish.

When you are making your character, you do not gain additional languages as per your race, but instead only gain the language of the nation where your character were raised, as per your backstory. Because your characters are special people, you also gain one additional language of your choice, but only from the national languages list below. In addition to these language every point of bonus to your intelligence ability, upon character creation, lets you choose one additional language of your choice. Should your character have a negative modifier in intelligence, then your character can only speak the native language of where your character were raised.

National Languages List

Nation or RegionNational LanguageCommon Second Languages
BrelandBrelishGnomish, Thranish, Aundail
ThraneThranishBrelish, Aundail, Karrnathian
AundairAundailBrelish, Thranish, Eldeenish
ZilargoGnomishBrelish, Goblionoid,
DarguunGoblionoidGnomish, Brelish,
Eldeen ReachesEldeenishAundail, Brelish, Orcish,
DroaamGoblionoidBrelish, Orcish, Giant, Eldeenish,
Shadow MarchesOrcishGoblionoid, Eldeenish, Fiendish, Brelish
Demon WastesFiendish
KarrnathKarrnathian, Brelish, Dwarven, Halfling,
Talenta PlainsHalflingBrelish, Elven, Karrnathian
ValenarElvenBrelish, Halfling, Draconic
Mror HoldsDwarvenBrelish, Karrnatian, Halifling
Lhazaar PrincipalitiesBrelishAny

Brelish: The language most resembling the ‘Common’ language in the Players Handbook. It sounds like European English.

Thranish: A language resembling some aspects and words from Brelish, with the same alphabet, but it resembles European Spanish in pronunciation and wording.

Aundail: A language which resembles Brelish with some words in common, but it uses the Elven alphabet and sounds like European French.

Gnomish: A wholly different language from Brelish where they use very long sentences, and hidden messages and double meanings are very common. They use the Brelish alphabet.

Goblionoid: A somewhat guttural language that has its own alphabet, which shares some letters with Brelish. Goblionoid does predate Brelish and Galifar, and Galifar developed from Gobionoid. Though it is a guttural language it is very complicated and sofisticated.

Eldeenish: A language that has many words in common with Brelish, and shares an alphabet though Eldeenish have some letters of their own added to the alphabet. The language sounds a lot like European Keltish languages and often employs runes as well as letters.

Orcish: A guttural language which closely resembles Goblionoid, though it is far less complicated and sophisticated, and many people prefer Orcish over Goblionoid, and often use Orcish in dealings with Goblionoid beings.

Fiendish: A separate language completely which is said to contain evil in it. Both speaking and writing it feels like being sinister in some way. It is a language most often shunned and avoided, and not something anyone civilized would ever want to hear.

Karrnathian: A language comprised of a mixture between Eldeenish, Brelish and Thranish, and it has hard consonants and sounds a lot like European German. It uses the Brelish alphabet.

Halfling: A language using the Brelish alphabet but it has a very strong verbal history and rarely uses scripture at alle. It closely resembles the Native American languages, and is both quite complicated and sounds beautiful. It is said that a story told in Halfling, is like hearing the story told by Siberys herself.

Elven: Wholly its own language with its own alphabet, pronunciation and tradition. It is quite beautiful and speaking it can almost sounds like singing.

Draconic: A magical language which has so many layers that it is often a considered a gross generalization to call it a single language. It has its own alphabet and uses both intricate runes and diagrams. Every layer of the language has its own tradition, which becomes more and more complicated in both alphabet and pronunciation. The Draconic spoken on Khorvaire is seen as an extremely simple version of Draconic by the Dragons of Argonessen, and even though the Dragons will understand a person from Khorvaire speaking Draconic, it is quite possible that the same person would have no understanding of the Draconic spoken by Dragons or those with a deeper understanding of the Draconic language.

Dwarven: Like it is presented in the Players Handbook, with its own alphabet and pronunciation. The language is very closely tied to mathematics.

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