felicia morgenstern

Felicia Morgenstern, madam af The Cloak of Stars.

The Cloak of Stars
The Cloak of Stars is an upper-class brothel in Silverymoon run by the enchantress Felicia Morgenstern, a friend of the Silver Company. Though it does not technically cater exclusively to the aristocracy, the majority of the Cloak of Stars’ patrons are wealthy old noblemen, merchant princes, and other debutantes with stores of windfall cash. As a rule, the brothel does not serve adventurers—the violent nature of most sell-swords combined with the strong elven wine can only lead to disaster—or so it’s believed. The prices are non-disclosed and non-negotiable—wits joke that “if you have to ask, you can’t afford it”.

The Cloak of Stars is extravagantly decorated, with fine silks and silver fixtures, and in the main hall a golden fountain of the elf goddess Hanali Celanil drawing water unclad. All of the girls are young and pretty, entertaining in a posh entertainment hall with a fully-stocked bar until they are selected by a patron and retired to their private chambers. Each of these private rooms have a magically activated skylight, from which the Cloak of Stars draws its name.

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