Silverymoon is that rarest of things, a bustling city dominated by trees and beautiful stone buildings. Old oaks, shadowtops, and duskwoods compete with tall, thin spires to touch the sky, and blueleaf trees shade flagstone sidewalks along most of the cobbled streets The prevailing style of stonework is flowing curves, as if buildings grew rather than being erected block by block. Many older buildings are clad in a thin layer of fused royal blue or emerald-green glass.

Balconies and curving stairs are everywhere—and windowsills, railings, and newel-posts are all adorned with herbs and flowers growing in sculpted bowls. Most dwellings have grass paths leading to sheltered bowers. Many folk take time every day to lift their harps, pipes, or voices to make music, and things of beauty are more than prized and admired—such design is expected.

Many places preserve lore, but in Silverymoon knowledge is highly valued. Most folk find satisfaction in being well informed in at least one area of expertise. The citizens of Silverymoon, also called Silvaeren, love witty sayings, sharing jokes, lore, music and readings of ballads, poems, and romantic fiction, most attend revels or private dances and feasts thrice per tenday. They tend to dabble in many interests, so shops in the city appear and disappear with the seasons—but these small, cozy boutiques are always crammed with beautiful, fascinating objects, small magics, books (including blank tomes for writing use), and maps.

The older part of Silverymoon on the north bank of the River Rauvin is linked to the newer environs on the south bank by the famous Moonbridge, a magical construct of silvery force whose central span can be deactivated to protect the city from invasion, or to allow tall-masted ships to pass. It impresses the eye more than the many soaring spires of the city, slender and graceful towers unmatched elsewhere in Faerûn.

Unquestionably the foremost center of learning and culture in the North, Silverymoon is a happy place where folk of many races dwell in peace together. Much of this feeling of safety and goodwill is due to the influence of powerful local mages and the Others.

The city’s army, the Knights in Silver, openly patrols the land for seven days’ ride around the city, and the city remains a member of the Lords’ Alliance.

Visiting Silverymoon

Silverymoon looks more like a series of gardens or forest glades than a stone city, and thanks to all the growing things, it reeks less than most settlements a third its size. lt’s also quieter, thanks to the gentle breezes and sound-muting properties of the city’s mythal, which also prevents surprise rainfalls, extremes of temperature, and the harshest winter weather. A good series of dwarf-built cisterns, pumps, and piping ensure that the city has both flushed privies and ample fresh water both for drinking and for gardening.

The lush beauty of the city and its many forest districts makes it quite easy for visitors to become lost. Thankfully, Silvaeren don’t mind furnishing directions, and every cistern cover in the cobbles of an intersection has an arrow graven into it, denoting north.

Most city buildings have cellars, and four or even five floors above them, but the trees and gently rolling landscaping make the spires of Silverymoon seem to loom over passersby a lot less than the structures in most cities. The older part of the city is Northbank, and the newer, still swiftly expanding area is Southbank. Many folk have rushed to buy and build in the new city and are short of coin. They eagerly rent rooms or floors to strangers without question or scrutiny.

Defense in Silverymoon

Persons of Power

Noted Taverns

Many excellent alehouses, taverns, wine cellars, tap-houses, and similar establishments grace Silverymoon’s shaded streets.

The Hammer and the Helm

The Dancing Goat

The Bright Blade Brandished

Helmer’s Wall

Sorlar’s Smiling Satyr

The Stagstand

Major Inns

The Cloak of Stars

The Golden Oak

Wayward House

Important Sites

The High Palace

The Star Court

Ruinwatch Keep

Major Temples

The House Invincible

Mielikki’s Glade

The Halls of Inspiration

Rhyester’s Matins

The Temple of Silver Stars

The Conclave of Silverymoon

This university is Alustriel’s creation, one of her last acts as High Mage of Silverymoon before stepping down to assume broader responsibilities as Speaker of the Silver Marches.

The Conclave is not a single building or district within the city. Some parts of the university are located near each other in a Southbank campus, but other schools remain scattered across the city.

The Map House

Arkhen’s Invocatorium

Everdusk Hall

The House of the Harp

The Lady’s College

Utrumm’s Music Conservatory

The Vault of the Sages

Shops and Artisans

Fascinating wares are sold out of interesting or beautiful premises on almost every street of Silverymoon, but shops that stand out as particularly splendid or useful include the following.

Optym’s Blade

The Shining Scroll

A Handful of Stars

Hannah’s Fine Clothing

The Market of Stars

Other People of Interest