Esklindrar, lederen af The Map House.

The Map House
A soaring stone keep once owned by the High Heralds, this building is now part of the Conclave. The tower once housed the Vault of the Sages, and it remains a storehouse of maps and genealogies, most of them copies of precious originals kept elsewhere. The general public (guided by the heralds-in-training studying here and a staff of loremasters) is allowed to browse the maps and records here for a fee of 1 gp per hour. Materials may not be removed, and copies can only be ordered by application to the Master of the House. Heraldry, genealogy, and maps in this collection comprehensively cover all the surface realms of the North and the Heartlands. Coverage of other areas in Faerûn is spotty at best. The Map House is now presided over by the famous sage Esklindrar, whom Alustriel persuaded to relocate here by providing him with personal copies of everything in the collection.

Esklindrar is a sharp-tongued man who lives to acquire knowledge. Possessed of an awesome memory, he has become the greatest known expert on Sword Coast human writings outside Candlekeep. He has befriended several adventuring bands, and gives them leads to where old treasure may lie. In return, they tell him what they saw there and lend him any writings they gained so he can make copies. He is a personal friend of Alustriel and several other powerful Harpers who would certainly take steps to avenge any harm visited upon him.

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