rhyesters matins

Rhyester’s Matins
Named for the blind prophet who founded it in 717 DR, this worship-house of Lathander features an altar lit by rainbows every dawn, when the sun’s rays lance through the stained glass windows in the eastern face of the temple. Rocked by infighting over who should become Mornmaster over the temple, the congregation seeks its rightful leader. Earlier this year, a thunderous voice spoke from the Dawn Altar after the funeral of the previous Mornmaster, saying, “Take for your leader the one who lays upon this my altar the rightful sign from me.”

Furiously arguing priests believe that the sign must be an item, probably of great magical power, that is new or represents a new beginning, and clearly shows the guiding spirit or personal touch of Lathander— but what item, and where is it? Rival claimants for the leadership of this wealthy temple are busily sponsoring adventurers to scour the Marches for the rightful sign—and spies to watch what other claimants and their agents do. Almost every tenday a new adventuring band sets forth, and many of them fight rival bands viciously in the wilderlands… while the faithful wait, and new claimants, “called by the Morninglord” arrive from distant corners of Faerûn.

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